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Associative Awareness Technique™ (AAT™)

AATTM is a gentle 6 step technique that addresses the cause of your pain and chronic conditions – “the brain” – not your symptoms.

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Health and Wellness

Specialized fitness and wellness services.

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Exercise Therapy

Helping individuals to achieve optimal performance and fitness using brain-based techniques.

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WellFITT Solutions, LLC specializes in chronic pain therapy, wellness coaching, exercise & movement, and corporate wellness programs.

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Meet the Practitioner

Gail B. Orrin, MS

Founder, President


  • Gail is a great resource because she understands the body and diet, and how your chronic pain can be impacted. Gail cares about her clients and believes in her clients. Gail is always there for you.

    Gail is always there for you. – Glenda B.
  • Gail is the ultimate professional. She is thorough, focused and dedicated to helping her clients achieve results that are sustained long term. I have been a recipient of Gail’s services but have also observed her working with other clients. She has a great attitude, is very patient and has the ability and experience to work with clients at any level. I have recommended Gail to several of my friends and colleagues and will continue to do so without hesitation.

    Gail is the ultimate professional – Erica S.
  • Gail knows her stuff. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a sincere passion about her craft. This is what sets her apart from others in her field. Her fervor, commitment and ability to think outside the box to keep you interested in taking care of your body. I would 100% recommend Gail if you are new to working out, living with an aliment or pain and are scared to work out, or if you are tired of the same type of workouts and are looking for creative, fun ways to get in shape. Call Gail.

    Call Gail – Michelle W.
  • Gail combines a comprehensive knowledge of the science of exercise and fitness with an infectious sense of enthusiasm. The result will push you to a much higher level of fitness than you ever thought possible…all while smiling happily as the sweat drips down your face.

    The result will push you to a much higher level of fitness than you ever thought possible… – Thomas B.