WellFITT Solutions


WellFITT Solutions, LLC specializes in corporate wellness programs, wellness coaching, exercise therapy, and chronic pain therapy.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

WellFITT Solutions, LLC emphasizes “you” the individual’s uniqueness and strength. Our philosophy is about individual empowerment and ritual to promote lasting change.  By utilizing the Biopsychosocial Functional Therapy component and the brain science of neuroplasticity, we respect and build on the four essential components of life: movement, nourishment, rest/recovery, and behavior.     Balance in these areas allows functional systems to flourish and provide energy to fulfill function and support optimal health.

Focus areas include:

  •          Eating and Exercise Behavior Change

  •          Health Coaching

  •          Nutritional Guidance

  •         Fitness Programs Designed Specifically to Your Unique Problems and Goals

  •          Collaboration with your Health Care Team of doctors and therapists