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About WellFITT Solutions, LLC

WellFITT Solutions, LLC

WellFITT Solutions, LLC specializes in chronic pain therapy, wellness coaching, exercise & movement, and corporate wellness programs.

Dr. Gail Brindell, Founder

Hi, I’m Dr. Gail Brindell, the founder and owner of WellFITT Solutions, LLC. I have a doctoral degree (PsyD) in Psychology with a concentration in Health & Wellness, I am an Exercise Physiologist, a Chronic Pain Specialist, a Credentialed Exercise is Medicine professional, and am Certified as an Associative Awareness Technique (AATTM) practitioner. Additionally, I have a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and am a ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist. With over 30 years of experience in exercise and wellness services, I am dedicated to helping clients and patients achieve optimal wellness through individualized fitness programs and balanced lifestyles. I believe everyone is unique and requires a personalized fitness program in order to achieve their goals. I also believe that optimal wellness is a lifetime journey involving ongoing education, a network of professional support, and a willingness to accept new challenges.

I am a Retired Army Officer, serving 21 years in the military including in the Gulf War. I understand the challenges, the fears and the hard work required for staying mentally and physically fit. I strive to provide the highest quality service and encourage all of my clients to take an active role in achieving and maintaining optimal health. Contact me today!

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Exercise is Medicine

As a Credentialed Exercise is Medicine professional, my responsibility is to educate healthcare providers, organizations, the military and the public on the importance of making physical activity and exercise a standard part of disease prevention and treatment. The American College of Sports Medicine’s Exercise is Medicine Initiative is designed to encourage everyone to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle making exercise the first treatment protocol against disease. For more information on the EIM initiative, visit the EIM website: