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I lost over 45 pounds working with Gail. I first came to Gail after learning that a blood test revealed that I was pre-diabetic. I have a metabolism disorder which I was aware put me at a higher risk for diabetes. The blood test showed that what was once a possibility was moving towards being a reality. I had also gained weight 2 years ago which increased my risk for diabetes as well. My weight gain was attributed to the metabolism disorder as I was not an over-eater. I knew that I needed to do something soon to get the excess weight off and avoid the onset of diabetes.

My physician told me that she believed that due to my metabolism disorder the only way that I would get the weight off would be to get a personal trainer. Gail created a program for me for a healthier lifestyle to include diet and exercise. I went from eating Lean Cuisines to making healthier eating choices with Gail’s guidance.

My fitness level was non-existent when I started with my training program.  Over time, I have greatly increased my fitness level.  I can now do intense workouts.  It has taken hard work and discipline to get where I currently am.  It has not been an overnight process, and I am still working towards reaching my goals, but I love seeing the progress that I have made!  I am feeling lighter and more confident? more like I was prior to the weight gain.  It’s a great feeling!! She coached me into a healthier lifestyle.