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I was at a Christmas party around 5 years ago and I was very fortunate that I won a free Associative Awareness Technique (AAT) session designed to treat chronic pain and other chronic health conditions. Little did I know how much it would change my life. You see, I had an illness that destroyed my immune system, and with that came fatigue, a small intestinal bacterial infection, fructose malabsorption, inflammation, and yes, pain – all of that coupled with any stress and I would have flare-ups. It was difficult for me to work out, I would fall asleep at the drop of a hat in the evening. I was not “myself.” I was tired of seeing doctor after doctor and being told “There is nothing wrong with you.” Honestly, there were times I thought I was dying. But I was not crazy; Gail helped me overcome the pain I was experiencing; she helped calm my body and mind down and that is when I started to heal. You have events in your life that are stored away in your brain cache. Little did I know they were standing in the way of a healthier life for me. There were tears and there was work I had to do to make me feel “normal” again. The tools Gail has given me are helpful everyday with whatever comes in my direction. I went through the entire program and now I continue to see Gail for maintenance. AAT keeps me grounded and on my continued path to perfect health. Gail is a great resource because she understands the body and diet, and how your chronic pain can be impacted. Could I have done this on my own? No, I needed guidance and someone to be accountable to besides myself. Someone that could give me another perspective besides the deep well I had fallen into. Someone that was supportive in my journey. Gail cares about her clients and believes in her clients. Gail is always there for you. Give Associative Awareness Technique (AAT) a try and feel the freedom that comes from within.